Bored of Work-from-Home? Champions Ranch presents Lush Greenery, Blazing Wi-Fi and a Unique Workstation Set-up!

Ouch!!…that back does hurt from its ceaseless PowerPoint labours. The neck sprain well, we
agree “It is not ignorable anymore?!” And that eye strain is the real dealbreaker!…..Then, why is it that we still glue ourselves to our abominable home work-desks day-in-and-out, like a robot?
Well its “Work” you shrug. We Agree! But, with a tinge of verve!
Given the present times, we understand that Social Distancing rules the roost. Masked contours
have so become the new normal and Google Meet destinations our only hope of getting together!
what if we offer you all this, along with refreshing nature walks, rejuvenating farm horizons,upbeat recreational pastimes, and well the work-desk…we just revamped that one too, big time! Imagine waking up, early morning, to chirping fledglings, vast green fields and the illustrated blue yonder. A cuppa of freshly-brewed coffee will be on-the-house! Our amazing Work-from-Farm Workstations, enabled with super-speeding Wi-Fi are nothing like your Work-desks! You can only jump your productivity in our Ranch’s scenic paradise. Why not attend that Zoom Call while settling under our ripe-fruit trees and munch on one while your there!

We were imagining!

So, while you are feeling revitalized in our pristine greenery, your professional
endeavours may turn out to be well-disruptive, we warn! As the afternoon sets in, you can rejoice in the bountiful organic lunch offerings of our farm-fresh produce. As you gulp and savour our eclectic cuisines, you can be rest assured about the utmost hygiene and safety parameters they adhere to!

Post work, you can laze about our adorable Animal Farm and bump into our waddling Ducks, silly Goats, playful Mini-horses, robust Stallions and high-bred Cows. You can even bait your own Fish, if you fancy a piscine diet! Nights can be breezy with warm bonfires, roasted potatoes and star-studded night skies.

Make this Work-from-Countryside a reality!

We, at Champions Ranch have ideated a unique Work-from-Farm design, with an out-and-out safe
environment – during the Lockdown – as a yearning for more peaceful, relaxed and organic
work space setting.

Our Offerings

1.Farm Workstations and Conference Areas

Our Ranch is equipped with magnificent Workstations – along with first-class WIFI network – all nestled amidst dense leafy foliage! We have five eco-friendly Conference Areas with Projectors for your dynamic and safe Business Meeting lay outs.

2.Spacious and Safe Cottage Stays  

Our Farm Cottages are well-furnished with basic amenities. Champion Ranch’s thorough sanitation routines ensure you the safest stay possible! Our untouched premises can well be your second abode – for your & your family. Your kids can enjoy their off-screen time with our Mini Farm animals, learn all about Organic food Harvesting and more; while you spend the day on your Business Targets and post-work, relaxing in a Yoga & Wellness retreat!

3.Leadership Training for Business Teams

Your team can work from the Safety of their own Individual Ranch Cottages. We are also pioneers in delivering Leadership Conversations, Equine-led Managerial Coaching and Team Building activities, should Your Team aim for ‘Growth Training’ during their Work-from-Farm Stay.

Exuberance of Nature Living Our Organic Farm produce will boost your Health and Immunity to no bounds. You can jaunt in the misty morning fields or go on a trek with your Equine buddy….as the day turns into night you can relax in the sheer silence of the Ranch or peep out of your cottage to the extravaganza of the dark blue hues.

Feel time and life move slower, but more vibrantly at the Champion’s Ranch!

Swap your Work-from-home, for a Work-from-Farm Escapade Now!

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