The joy of cultivating and consuming your Own Organic Fresh Produce at Champions Ranch

All of us have that little garden cove in our urban patios and terraces, where we love to nurture buds and blooms. Few of us even vegetate edibles bushes, to that effect! It’s quite instinctive!!

Truly, the joys of watching your own food grow from its seed are immense.

The sheer process of germination enlightens your patience… delicate fronds behest your utmost care…..sturdy barks grab their sustenance from your dedicated watering routines…..Then one day. Oh behold!

The time to harvest your hard-earned fruit or vegetable yield is up.  Yes! You can’t help but get that woven basket in hand and brag to infinity, “I’ve grown this!”


It is your this very gratification and desire for self-sustenance that spurred us to launch an exquisite ‘Organic Farming’ experience at Champions Ranch!

Champions Ranch is located in the scenic hamlet of Karnapalli. We have built a dream destination for nature lovers, in the midst of mountain valleys and creeks – with compact cottages, friendly animal farms, et al. But the best of it – is our ‘Organic Framing’ venture, that you would definitely love to explore – more than ever!

Organic Farming’ has found its place in our State! The present movement is in the Farmers’ perspectives – as natural farming techniques are proving to well-preserve ‘Soil Fertility’. The recent developments in Organic Pest Protection know-hows have also egged the flurry.

Essentially, consuming Organic food as your daily bread is a wise thought. Organic foods are not genetically modified, or chemical sprayed. In fact, they are more nutritious and tastier!!

At Champions Ranch, we have developed certified 5000 – 20,000 square feet area Organic Farming Plots, that you can Own!

How about sowing in seasonal Fruits and Vegetables of your choice, at your convenience, on your own land?

  • Draw up your list of favourite Fruits and Vegetables that you want to grow
  • Designate a nook for your glorious ‘Flower beds’
  • You’ll love the 101s of Organic Farming from our Field Experts
  • You can even construct your own Farm Cottage with our ‘Sustainable Architecture’ expertise.
  • Your Family and Kids would relish this country experience, as a well-deserved break from the urban drudgeries.
  • Your Office colleagues can also join in your agricultural voyage, as we offer bespoke Leadership Training sessions too, at the Ranch.

Alternately, you can select our ‘Organic Farming’ package deal wherein our Organic Field Experts will personally mentor you on ‘Farming Techniques and Harvesting process’. What more, you can feast on the fresh produce or order a non-vegetarian menu of dairy, meat or fish to complement your square meal.

The Ranch’s Banana Leaf-served meals will sure get you one super-appetite!

Here’s listing some more thrills of ‘Organic Farming’ at our Ranch:

  • Explore 100% Sustainable Living in Nature’s Lap; with Horse-back riding or by simply taking a Refreshing Walk, or Camping in the midst of chirping Fields.
  • You can get your own Country-side Second Home or Retreat that your family or colleagues will thank you for!
  • Our exclusive ‘Start your own Small Farm’ Initiative for Kids at Champion Ranch’s Home Play Park Area will amaze you! Your precious tots can learn to harvest their juicy fruits first-hand and collect eggs from the nearby Mini Animal Farm – nesting Ducks, Goats, Ponies, Poultry and more.
  • While you ‘Farm’ happily at our Ranch – humming a tune by yourself – with your hands full of earthen soil and the skies roofing above; you can feel the sheer quietude of the rustic beauties reflecting in the depths of your relaxed heartbeat and softened soul.

Our ‘Organic Farming’ experience at Champion’s Ranch is one of its kind.

We have bought forth this bountiful offering with a vision to lessen our environmental footprint, prevent wastage, save spends on food and promote good health & well-being!

Why wait when the lush fields beckon you?

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