Work From Farm: A New Way To Kill Fatigue

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world turtle in many ways and the work culture has witnessed the worst hit. Most of the people are working from home and are going through the daily grind of collaboration, endless online meetings, maintaining quality performance, etc. amidst the emergence of new constraints every day.

In India, at contemporary times, a study has revealed that 67-70% of people are working from home. The regime for work from home employees has become monotonous and it is having a detrimental effect on their physical and mental health. Even the best talents of the organizations are unable to work using their full potential due to the monotony around them.

It’s High Time!

champions ranch

The tedious and wearisome aura around working professionals needs a change and employees should reinvigorate themselves and not fall into the trap of lethargy! At Champions Ranch, find your remote workstation which is surrounded by rich fertile farms amidst the chirping of birds and soothing breeze, while you are pampered with healthy and farm-grown nutritious food.

Take a break from the work routine when required and have a soulful wander in the farm and return pepped up to work or discuss more proficiently. Bring in a creative edge to all your fruitful brainstorming sessions/meetings which could even be opted around the campfire.

Work from Farm Can Make Things Fall In Place

work from farm champions ranch

Work from Farm is the newest way that people are adopting to revitalize themselves and break the boredom during working hours. Human beings long for the natural environment and when they are deprived of it, they just lose their energy and zest to do anything. To make things right, people are taking their professional responsibilities to natural farms and are working from such places impeccably.

The comfort of working amidst nature provides you the tranquility and harmony which you typically associate with productivity when holding a corporate retreat, one-on-one meeting, or a seminar.

Delving Deeper Into Work From Farm

work from farm champions ranch

There are amazing service providers that are bestowing 100% natural surroundings with facilities such as specially equipped work from farm stations, high-speed Wi-Fi, outdoor corporate conferences, and much more to embolden and promote work from farm culture.

After all, if employees are estranged from healthy working space, invariably they would not be the best versions of themselves in their professional world. Some studies have proved that greenery and fresh air improve workers’ moods and also give them a sense of job satisfaction. This also results in greater engagement.

The Breaks between Work Can Bring Productivity

work from farm champions ranch productivity

A tea break can be channelized into something very productive for the organization and also for the mood of employees. What if a tea break exposes employees to a leadership conversation wherein they know and understand about leadership in the corporate world? Such conversations initiate healthy competition among employees, make them ambitious and enhance their personalities, all of which eventually result in benefitting the organization and also to hired hands.

So avoid the daily space and head out!

At Champions Ranch, facilities like leadership conversations, team building excellence, spacious cottages to stay, a healthy organic menu, equine therapy, and a lot more are catered to which improves and enlightens an employee mentally and physically.

A 1.5-hour ride from Bangalore to Champions Ranch will not leave you disappointed. We are leaving no stone unturned to provide the means to give an impetus to work from farm culture. It is an indispensable need in today’s times for working professionals to bring a spring in their step as far as their work-life and work culture is concerned.

With our services, we make sure that you become a Champion!

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